2017:  Oregon POLST Coalition Reaffirms Values Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

In July 2017, the Oregon POLST Coalition reaffirmed its foundational values of not accepting support from the health care industry. Actions include: 1) clarifying the Center for Ethics policy on conflicts of interest (a policy that the Coalition honors as the Center serves as its administrative home) and 2) withdrawing membership from the National POLST Paradigm Task Force (NPPTF) because of its 2017 policy change to accept health care industry funding.

To preserve public trust and the program integrity, it is essential that Oregon POLST accept support only from non-health care industry sources. To accept health care industry funding could imply a conflict between the Oregon POLST Program goal to honor patient choice and possible cost saving that would benefit industry. Center policy does not allow funding from commercial health care related entities including, but not limited to, insurance companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, device makers and other health care product suppliers. The policy also does not allow Center leaders to have associations with health care industry.

The Coalition will continue to collaborate with NPPTF colleagues as supported by Center policy. 

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