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Relationship of Oregon POLST Entities

There are four entities in Oregon that oversee elements of the Oregon POLST Program. This document describes the four entities in Oregon that oversee elements of the Oregon POLST Program and their relationships with each other. While staff for each is different, there is overlap among the committees to ensure open communication occurs.

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

The OHSU Center for Ethics in Health Care (the Center) houses the Oregon POLST Program. The Center houses the Oregon POLST Program and takes responsibility for:

  • Scheduling and coordinating Oregon POLST Coalition (and its committees) meetings;
  • Answering general Oregon POLST questions via the POLST telephone line (503-494-3965) and email (polst@ohsu.edu);
  • Developing and disseminating educational materials created by the Oregon POLST Coalition; and
  • Maintaining the Oregon POLST website (www.oregonpolst.org).

Additionally, OHSU holds the copyright to the Oregon POLST Form and the Center is responsible for:

  • Updating the Oregon POLST Form periodically with input from the Oregon POLST Coalition;
  • Making the POLST Form available (entities can order via the web at www.oregonpolst.org, email polst@ohsu.edu, or by calling 503-494-3965; there are also printing instructions for POLST Forms online so entities can handle printing forms themselves);

Currently, the Oregon POLST Coalition Chair is also the Director of the Center for Ethics. The Oregon POLST Executive Director, located at the Center, works closely with the Oregon POLST Coalition members as well as Oregon POLST Registry staff.


    Oregon POLST Coalition

    The Oregon POLST Coalition is comprised of members from various POLST stakeholders throughout Oregon, including EMS, Hospice, Hospitals, Long Term Care, Legal, and the community. The Coalition (previously Task Force) developed the original POLST Form and has helped develop the POLST Program in Oregon, including helping to create the Oregon POLST Registry (OPR). It develops, implements, and evaluates the POLST Program in Oregon by:

    • Educating about POLST to health care professionals, patients, administrators, and the public (including creating and disseminating educational materials such as brochures, guidebooks and films); and
    • Advancing research related to POLST and end-of-life planning.

    The Coalition works closely with the OPR on projects such as the implementation of electronic POLST Forms and electronic submission of POLST Forms.

    The Coalition has OHSU and OPR representation on its committee. The Coalition is not a separate legal entity and the administrative pieces (e.g., scheduling meetings) is handled by the Center.

    Valerie Jimenez, Executive Director

    Phone: 503-494-3965

    Fax: 503-494-1260

    Email: polst@ohsu.edu

    Oregon Health & Science University

    3181 SW Sam Jackson Pk Rd,

    Mail Code: UHN-86       

    Portland, OR 97239-3098


    Oregon POLST Registry (OPR)

    In 2007, the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 329 (State Health Fund Board), and in 2009 passed HB 2009 as part of Oregon's health care reform efforts, enabling Oregon to launch the nation's first 24-hour electronic POLST Registry on December 3, 2009. First responders and providers are able to call the registry from the field and be informed of a patient's POLST orders. The OPR was established, and is overseen, by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA); OHA has a contract with OHSU for the OPR to be located at OHSU (the OPR is not part of OHSU).

    OPR is represented by at least one member on the Oregon POLST Coalition. A member of the OPR executive leadership team reports to the POLST Registry Advisory Committee (PRAC) on the status of Registry operations. Additionally OPR members work on joint projects with the Center staff (for example, in starting up an electronic POLST Program in Oregon with OHSU serving as the pilot location).


    The mission of the Oregon POLST Registry is to connect emergency health care professionals with their patients’ POLST orders to facilitate compassionate, desired health care during a crisis. We strive to increase accessibility to POLST orders to support continuity of care across health services platforms. The Oregon POLST Registry fosters innovation by creating new ways to securely access health information.

    Program Goal

    Our goal is to connect health care professionals to POLST forms and connect patients to the level of care they desire. The Registry aims to ensure that the treatment wishes of Oregonians are made available when they are most needed.

    Get Involved

    The Oregon POLST Registry was developed through collaboration and is maintained through the efforts of a vast network of practitioners, emergency medical professionals, hospice workers, researchers, Registrants and their families, Registry staff, and volunteers. Together we can make a difference for Oregonians across the state. Volunteer your time, your talents, or even your story to help support the mission of the Oregon POLST Registry. Click here to learn more about volunteering or click here to contact us.

    Phone: 503-418-4083

    Fax: 503-418-2161

    Email: polstreg@ohsu.edu

    Oregon Health & Science University

    3181 SW Sam Jackson Pk Rd,

    Mail Code: CDW-EM     

    Portland, OR 97239-3098


    Click here to learn how to become a volunteer.

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    POLST Registry Advisory Committee (PRAC)

    The PRAC is created in ORS 127.675 and is charged with advising the OHA regarding the implementation, evaluation, and operation of the registry. The PRAC also reviews research proposals to access Registry data and advise OHA on whether access should be granted.  This committee meets on a quarterly basis and its meetings are open to the public.  Meeting information is available online as is the PRAC Roster

    The PRAC is not a separate legal entity and the administrative pieces (e.g., scheduling meetings, minutes) are handled by the OHA.

    Dr. David Lehrfeld, Email: David.lehrfeld@state.or.us & Phone: 971-673-0520