Oregon POLST Program

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Designed to improve the quality of care people receive near the end-of-life, the Oregon POLST® Program is based on effective communication of patient wishes, documentation of portable orders for life-sustaining treatments and promise by a health care professional to honor these wishes.

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Core Elements of 2018 Oregon POLST Form Promoted for Broad Use

The currently recommended form from the National POLST office incorporates almost all of the elements of the 2018 Oregon POLST form and adds additional search function features of the Oregon POLST form (2019 version) and includes the use of the word “portable.” We are honored that so many of the form elements that were developed and refined in Oregon are included in the recommended new form being promoted by the National POLST office. However, we do not endorse the current version of the national form, because lessons learned from the Oregon form revision process have not been incorporated.

— Oregon POLST Program & Coalition


October 2019 POLST Newsletter

Read the entire newsletter at https://centerforethics.activehosted.com/social/fe9fc289c3ff0af142b6d3bead98a923.79

2019 Oregon POLST Program Updates

2019 Oregon POLST Form Sample_Page_1.jpg

2019 Oregon POLST Form

The 2019 Oregon POLST form became effective on January 2, 2019. The Oregon POLST Coalition has asked that all health systems and organizations implement the use of the 2019 form when completing new POLST forms. Please note that all completed earlier versions of POLST forms remain valid.

The summary of the changes can be found here and in the Oregon POLST Professional Resource Library. The 2019 form is available to order online and entities interested in printing their own forms should contact the Oregon POLST Program at polst@ohsu.edu.

Updated POLST Guidebook for Health Care Professionals

The Oregon POLST Education Committee has substantially revised the POLST Guidebook for Health Care Professionals. The downloadable guidebook can be viewed here and in the POLST Professional Resource Library.

POLST: When is the Right Time?

"POLST: When is the Right Time?" This 3-minute video illustrates changes in Betty's life by showing the completion of an advance directive when healthy and a POLST when she becomes seriously ill. All POLST videos are available on our Resource Library pages and on the Oregon POLST YouTube Channel.  

Program Update

The Oregon POLST Coalition has withdrawn from the National POLST Paradigm to reaffirm values avoiding conflicts of interest. Read the full statement here.

Click here to learn about the history of POLST. 

Pictured left to right: Margaret Carley, J.D., Patrick Dunn, M.D., Susan Tolle, M.D., Terri Schmidt, M.D.

Pictured left to right: Margaret Carley, J.D., Patrick Dunn, M.D., Susan Tolle, M.D., Terri Schmidt, M.D.