1993:  The Vital Role of Statewide Education

The task force recognized early on that education is the key to effective use of the Medical Treatment Coversheet (MTC, and later POLST) form. For the program to succeed statewide, health care professionals received updates on form use, newly developed policies and advances in research. The task force developed numerous educational resources and relied on member organizations to develop effective on going learning for their constituents. In essence, the group became a clearinghouse of information and the sharing of ideas, catalyzing resource development, all to help health care organizations educate their member health care professionals. Here are some examples of these early educational tools:

  • Pamphlets including the MTC form and a step by step implementation process

  • Videotape explaining how the MTC is used and implemented

  • Consultation with health care professionals skilled in the use of the form

  • Executive summary of the MTC evaluation project

  • Initial “Train the Trainer” conference providing education about Oregon’s new advance directive statute (including decisions for a patient to have or forego permanent feeding tube placement)

The task force recognized that education is a cornerstone of the POLST program. Click here for a more extensive archive of early educational resources for health care professionals, health care systems, and patients and families.