2002:  Trauma System Enrollment

Trauma patients who met trauma system enrollment criteria were routinely treated using the trauma system protocol for both treatment and transport.  Many times this included patients with advanced progressive illness or a terminal condition not wanting the intensive treatment and transfer otherwise mandated within the trauma system.  The task force together with the State Trauma Advisory Board (STAB) established the following criteria for system enrollment of patients with a POLST form: 

The patient with “DNR” marked in Section A and either “Comfort Measures Only” or “Limited Treatment” marked in Section B of the patient’s POLST form should not be entered into the trauma system and does not require a trauma team response following a traumatic incident. This patient may require pre-hospital transport to the hospital for comfort care.

The task force subsequently developed educational tools for health professionals caring for an injured patient whose POLST orders met the above criteria for exclusion from the trauma system.