2010:  Leadership and Succession Planning

The Oregon POLST Task Force recognized the need to encourage participation by leaders from various health care professions.  Physician, EMS, nurse and legal leadership are essential and Oregon has been fortunate to have strong representation from each of these disciplines.  The timeline below lists the dates of service of each of the Chairs of the Oregon POLST Task Force.

In addition, the Oregon POLST Task Force required the dedication and administrative expertise of its program coordinators.  These talented individuals were supported by the Center for Ethics in Health Care at OHSU, keeping the task force organized with its myriad projects.  The position has grown from part-time to now full time given the growth in the responsibilities of the coordinating position.

Program Coordinators:  Anne-Marie Jones, Jane Ayotte, Andrea Sardella, Lalita Hamm, Sarah Foreman Papp, Bill Pfunder, Faith English and Valerie Jimenez.

As with any organization, succession planning is essential.  Recognizing this, the task force has continually nurtured strong representation by its member organizations and cultivates participants for leadership roles.