2017:  Sustainability: Improving End-Of-Life Care Now and Long into the Future

The OHSU Center for Ethics in Health Care serves as the organizational home of the Oregon POLST Program (and between inception in 2004 and January 20, 2017 also served as the home of the National POLST Paradigm). Center leaders have dedicated substantial time to grant writing, fundraising and administrative support while always staying true to the Center’s commitment to not accept funding from health care industry sources. Health care professionals and community members have donated tens of thousands of hours of volunteer time creating, revising and disseminating the POLST program; guiding policy development, facilitating health care systems change, developing and disseminating educational materials, investing in research and working on overall POLST program quality improvements.

As of January 2, 2019, the Oregon POLST Program is using the 13th version of the Oregon POLST form.

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Securing funding to lead new innovation and sustain the Oregon POLST Program efforts has been and remains a priority of the OHSU Center for Ethics. It is with gratitude that the Center acknowledges grant support from the following foundations:

Archstone Foundation

California HealthCare Foundation

The Alyce R. Cheatham Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

The Collins Foundation

Collins Medical Trust

The Nathan Cummings Foundation

The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations

The Denison Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

The Greenwall Foundation

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Samuel S. Johnson Foundation

The Kinsman Foundation

The Gilbert J. Martin Foundation

The Retirement Research Foundation

Don & Joan Strand Foundation at FCGF

Gifts from private individuals play a vital role in funding program innovation and building an endowment that will permanently sustain the Oregon POLST Program. We gratefully acknowledge Bill and Karen Early for their contribution of $1 million to launch the endowment fund with a $4 million goal. We are thankful also to all of the individuals who have and continue to support the POLST program. Several of these individual donors requested that they be acknowledged anonymously on this website. To each donor who has given please know that your impact has been very great. To date about 1 million patients and their families across the country have suffered less and more frequently had their wishes for treatment near the end of their lives honored because of your generosity.

While the Oregon POLST Program has made many advances and addressed many important systems problems, new challenges continue to arise. Health care is changing and the need for education, policy improvements and research never end. With sustainable support the Oregon POLST Program can better respond to these challenges now and long into the future.