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The “Understanding POLST” video provides a clear, detailed overview of the Oregon POLST Program and form using language that individuals without a health care background can understand. The video explains the purpose of POLST and then describes each section of a POLST form. The video is also available for free on the Oregon POLST YouTube channel.
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Ordering Oregon POLST Forms and Materials

The POLST order form is for health care professionals and organizations only. Patients seeking to obtain a POLST form may do so through their doctor.

2019 Oregon POLST Form

The 2019 Oregon POLST form (version 13) will be effective on January 2, 2019. The Oregon POLST Coalition asks that all health systems implement the use of the 2019 form by April 8, 2019. The summary of the changes can be found here and in the Oregon POLST Professional Resource Library.

Entities interested in printing their own forms should contact the Oregon POLST Program at polst@ohsu.edu.

All prior year form versions will continue to be honored.

Need a Spanish POLST form?

The POLST form is read by emergency medical personnel and other health care professionals who may speak only English.  In order for POLST forms to be honored, they must be in English.  However, a Spanish form is available to help explain the orders to Spanish speaking persons, but the only form that is valid to be used in the field is in English version.