Oregon POLST Quick Info for Patients & Family

A Factsheet for Anyone New to POLST - English

Click here for the English factsheet about POLST.

A Factsheet for Anyone New to POLST - Spanish

Click here for the Spanish factsheet about POLST.

A Video in English about Understanding POLST

Watch Understanding POLST – A 4-minute video explaining POLST.

A Video in Spanish about Understanding POLST

Watch Cómo Comprender el POLST – A 10-minute version of Oregon’s “Understanding POLST” video in Spanish.

A Video in English about POLST & Oregon's Advance Directive

Watch When is the Right Time? – A 3-minute video showing when it might be the right time to create a POLST.

Upcoming 2023 Version

of the Oregon POLST Form

Current (2019) Oregon POLST Sample Form

Translated Versions of the Current (2019) Oregon POLST Form for Educational Purposes Only to Download & Print

These translated versions of the Oregon POLST form are not valid forms. They are for educational purposes only. Translated versions are offered to improve POLST health literacy during conversations among health care professionals, their patients and health surrogates.

A signed POLST must be in English, so emergency personnel can read and follow the orders.