Oregon POLST Resources for POLST Completion & Submission

One-page Summary of Changes in the 2023 POLST Form
Determining Statutory Appointment of Health Care Representative Without Written Appointment

ORS 127.635(2)(a-g) – Statutory appointment of health care representative without written appointment

POLST Guidelines for Patients with Significant Disabilities

Refer to the current Guidelines on POLST Use for Persons with Significant Disabilities who are Now Near the End of Life.

Note: Health care professionals are advised against the use of POLST in those individuals with stable disabilities who do not have a serious illness that is in the advanced stages. See the Oregon DHS Office of Developmental Disabilities Services fact sheet on POLST use.

Oregon POLST Registry's Submission Requirements & Instructions
Oregon Dept of Human Services - Policy & Alerts for Long-Term Care Facilities

DHS POLST Policy: Expectations of DSPs (Direct Support Professionals) Supporting Individuals in 24-Hour Residential Program Settings when there is a POLST (Portable Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) or DNR (Do Not Resuscitate). 2020.02.07 ODDS New Policy Transmittal pt20011


POLST Guidance for Oregon's Health Care Professionals
Appropriate Use of Oregon's POLST Form by The Oregon Medical Board
POLST Information for Patients & Family Members in English & Spanish

POLST forms should be offered to patients with advanced illness or who are older and frail and may or may not want all forms of medical treatment.

Click here for a short, easy to read factsheet about the Oregon POLST form for anyone new to POLST.

For the factsheet in Spanish, click HERE.

Where can I see Laws and Regulations related to POLST Use in Oregon?

To find Laws and Regulations related to POLST Use in Oregon, click >>HERE<<.

When should an interpreter assist in POLST completion?

Health care interpreter services should be used when the patient and/or family/surrogate has limited English proficiency. The signed version of the POLST form must be completed in English, so emergency medical personnel can understand and follow these medical orders.

Translated versions of the Oregon POLST form are available for educational purposes only. An educational factsheet for patients explaining POLST and educational videos in Spanish are available at our webpage: Español.

Can a health care surrogate/representative be appointed on a POLST form?

No. Only an Advance Directive may be used to appoint a health surrogate who can create or void an Oregon POLST form for a person without capacity.

Where can I find additional resources for health care professionals?

Additional resources for health care professionals are on our Resources webpage.

Downloadable & Printable English Version of the Current (2019) Sample Oregon POLST

Current (2019) Oregon POLST Sample Form

Translated Versions of the Current (2019) Oregon POLST Form for Educational Purposes Only to Download & Print

These translated versions of the Oregon POLST form are not valid forms. They are for educational purposes only. Translated versions are offered to improve POLST health literacy during conversations among health care professionals, their patients and health surrogates.

A signed POLST must be in English, so emergency personnel can read and follow the orders.